01Year End Letter

Friday, January 21, 2022 

Dear parents, 

As of today, we complete the first semester of the 2021‐22 "Year of Being Principled" at I‐Shou International. It has been a fabulous first semester!

With the return to in-person teaching and learning, along with the easing of COVID protocol restrictions that now allowed for off campus on-island travel, our students thrived in classrooms and school programs through the dedication and care of our faculty and staff. It has also been a pleasure to welcome back parents to our school campuses as you have once again engaged in face-to-face dialogue with faculty and administrators and further participated in the life of our school.

As always, we thank you, our parents, for your support of the school and our efforts to provide students with a superior international bilingual education.  We remain on the path of continuous school improvement, moving forward in innumerable ways, thus ensuring the highest standards of teaching and  learning throughout the school to the benefit of the students we serve. 

The time has now come for each of us to celebrate the upcoming glorious Chinese New Year with  family and friends and we sincerely wish all members of the I‐Shou school community good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year. 

Below you will find messages to our community from our Student Affairs, Teaching and Learning, Educational Technology offices, and from each department's Academic Director. 

Finally, please click here for the revised Semester II calendar.

Again, Happy Chinese New Year, everyone, and please remain safe and vigilant during the weeks ahead! 



Lee, Je Chen                                                                                             Dr. Peter Nanos

Principal                                                                                                    Superintendent

02Message from the Student Affairs Office

Following the enjoyable I-Shou International School Winter Concert and Chinese Culture Day, we are going to celebrate the Chinese New Year! During this festival, we may travel or go to visit our family. Please follow all COVID-19 regulations from the Taiwan Center for Disease Control. Wear masks and disinfect hands at all times.

If there are any questions regarding the shuttle bus or boarding house for next semester, please feel free to contact the Student Affairs Office during winter break.

Here is a short summary of the important dates of the coming semester:

  • Friday, January 21 – Friday, February 11: Winter break and Chinese New Year
  • Sunday, February 13 after 4 pm: Boarders may return to the boarding house
  • Monday, February 14: First Day of School

Ken Hsieh

Director of Student Affairs Office

03Message From Teaching & Learning Office

Report Cards‐ Semester 1 report cards will come out via ManageBac on January 24,  2022. If you have difficulty accessing your child’s report card, please contact their  Academic Department’s office (ISIP, PD, MSD, SBD or ISD).  
Week Without Walls‐ 

    • We are pleased to move forward with the 2022 all on‐campus Week Without Walls (WWW) Experience for Grades 1-11 and SBD Grade 12. This year, WWW will be themed around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    • Students will be in mixed grade level groups working with two teachers to research, explore, and take action on their Sustainable Development Goal. Students will go off of their regular schedule and will focus on working in their SDG team all week. Students will also be able to go on a field trip and listen to a guest speaker on their topic. The Week Without Walls will culminate in a Sharing of Learning event for students, teachers, and parents on March 18, 2022. 

    • Please note that these carefully planned sessions will maintain the COVID19 safety protocols and we also have plans in place to adjust Week Without Walls in the event of updated COVID19 protocols. 

School-wide Subject Chairs & Technology Integration- Throughout the fall, Subject and Deputy Subject chairs received professional development on technology leadership and integration. Each subject has unique needs and the Subject Chairs are now better prepared to guide their subject team to selecting and using meaningful technology tools.
Learning Analytics Collaborative Platform- This year, I-Shou has adopted the Learning Analytics Collaborative Platform which creates a data profile of each grade level and class. The custom platform allows teachers to efficiently analyze and use students’ data to enhance teaching and learning.
Professional Development‐ We believe that being a renowned bilingual school means  continuous growth and improvement for our teachers. During the fall semester, over 38  teachers completed IB Workshop training! Teachers also completed training in the  Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum, Data & Differentiation, using the Learning Analytics Data Platform, Technology Leadership & Integration, and MAP test proctoring.   Measure of Academic Progress Assessments.

Thank you.

Amanda Sunderman 

Director of The Teaching & Learning Office

04Message from the Educational Technology Office

It has been four  months since the Maker and Design Imaginarium (MDI) opened and we have seen some wonderful pieces of work being produced by students and teachers alike. The Educational Technology Office would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. We look forward to seeing what next semester brings! 

Bradley Higgins
Director of Educational Technology Office

05Celebration Time in the Primary Department

To end Semester 1, we looked back and celebrated our accomplishments with our January Awards. Students received Learner Profile, ATL Skills, PE, Art, Music, and community awards, Ninja Warrior Champion shirts, and we announced winners for our Character Chip and ISAMS Challenges. 

We end on a happy note, and look forward to exciting changes for next semester. It has been an honor and a privilege to work closely with your children this semester, and to watch them grow into more skillful, internationally‐minded individuals.

Reports will be released via ManageBac on January 24.

Have a safe and healthy Lunar New Year!

Nick Staffa

Director of Primary Department

06Middle School Department (MSD) Wishes Everyone a Happy Chinese New Year

There have been so many positive achievements this semester in the Middle School Department.  Some notable highlights have been the Winter Concert, numerous student awards for an array of outstanding performances, success on assessments, Parent Information Sessions and Parent Conferences. 

That being said, it is that time of year to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.  We hope that your break brings you joy with your families as you celebrate the Lunar New Year and we enter the Year of the Tiger.  It is recommended that everyone stay safe, wearing masks, and also that students read as much as possible to continue to improve their English and practice their maths on IXL.  

We look forward to seeing you all in February! Xinnian Kuaile! 

Derek Kensinger

Director of Middle School Department

07The end of a wonderful semester in International Secondary Department

At the end of a very successful and full semester it is nice to reflect on how well our students have done both inside and outside of the classroom. For many students the end of semester report reflects their efforts, progress, and growth and they should be congratulated for all they have achieved. For a few, their report will be a time to reflect and refocus.

Outside of the curriculum our students have continued to be at the forefront of school community activities. ISD students have shown their creative qualities both in the winter concert and the art exhibition. Our basketball and volleyball teams once again competed at high-school level. The Student Council (STUCO) organized a whole range of school community events that made us once again truly value the concept of “community” and doing things together. While the Global Issues Network and Interact groups have been fund-raising for community programmes and supporting global initiatives for change through a whole host of events and activities.

The winter break for everyone is a  welcome chance to re‐charge the batteries, spend time with family and appreciate those we have around us.  I would like to wish everyone a happy, safe and prosperous Chinese New Year as we all look forward to a very busy and exciting semester two.

Matthew Lennon

Director of International Secondary Department

08Wonderful semester in the Secondary Bilingual Department

It has been such a wonderful semester in the Secondary Bilingual Department. Looking back on this semester, lots of great things happened including student learning success on campus, winning prizes from competitions, and being enthusiastic in their activities.

We all appreciate that we could return to campus this semester to achieve this next successful chapter. During the winter break, we anticipate that students maintain the good learning habits developed in school; Maintain a routine daily schedule and also have a restful vacation. It is a great opportunity for everyone to recharge their batteries and prepare  for new challenges in the coming semester. See you all soon!

Amanda Huang

Director of Secondary Bilingual Department

Digital Media Academy
Cambridge International Education